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Are there any skills you’ve picked up in the last year?

Are there any skills you’ve picked up in the last year?

I’ve learned a lot of great skills on the past years of my life. One of them is my favorite skill, “Learning to let your life breath”. Sounds funny isn’t it?

For me, learning this skill requires a lot of effort and trust(to the Lord). Learning to let your life breath makes things a little easier and less burden to your heart. Make yourself comfortable at all times and follow the flow of your life stream. Learn to know when you need not to worry about the problem and entrust it to our Lord.

When a problem occurs(specially on my relationship with my girlfriend and my parents) in my life, I just smile at it because I know that our Lord will never give us problems we can’t solve. There is a time that my girlfriend tells me that I’m being carefree but I simply reply with a smile and tell this words to her, “Don’t worry, everything will be OK”.

My friends know me as a man who never get’s angry. I do believe them and I don’t know why am I like that. Is there something wrong with me? Anger is an emotion like all other emotions. Emotions are signposts into our internal structure. It’s simply something we feel but usually I don’t feel, unlike any other people. This maybe because I am weird in my own sense. Anger is just a simple emotion which only creates turmoil. The only thing I fear about myself is that I don’t know my capabilities when I’m really angry. Some say that we shouldn’t mess with people who don’t know how to be angry because they’re the most violent people in their angered state. This leads me in searching for this handy steps which I would like to share with you, 20 Things to do when you’re feeling angry with someone.

There are many things that makes our life and problems easier. All we have to do is never give up and always try to do the best in any possible situation. Oh! don’t forget about the most divine thing to do, Praying at anytime of the day.

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I am a plain guy who love many things, jack of all trades. I learn quickly and can impress you in many ways. Once a member of Excelon, a small independent group of IT experts and experienced a lot in design field. I am a frustrated mountain biker.

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