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A dose of your own self esteem

A dose of your own self esteem

Self-esteem is how a person reflect on their overall appearance or worth. Some believe that having a good looks can heighten their self-esteem level. The truth is, having a high self-esteem is an ability to see yourself uniquely special all the time.

Do you have this trait? Can you see that your special and unique? 

You don’t know? Then here’s some tips to help you see how great person you are inside-out:

“Focus on your positive qualities”

You should’ve realized that you, as a human being, has great and positive qualities. Look into yourself and try to figure out your positive qualities and don’t focus on your negative qualities. Surround yourself with people who know and believe that your beautiful, those who enjoy your company and your positive qualities. Focusing on your positive attributes and surrounding yourself with positive friends will help you better accept yourself and hence build your self esteem.

“Overcome your negative habits”

If you have a negative habit that you don’t like, make plans to get rid of it. Once you substitute your negative habit with a positive one, your self-esteem will improve.

“Believe in your mind power”

Know that the way you see yourself comes from the power of your thoughts and mind. Use your mind power and the power of your thoughts to develop love for yourself. Once you begin to see yourself as unique, people around you will begin to see you in the same way.

“Believe in your inner beauty”

Don’t say to yourself that you are not beautiful nor unique. Know that every person is unique and true gift to the world. There is no one on earth like you and you have a lot to offer to humanity.

“Compliment yourself”

Compliment yourself on what you like about your looks, your positive attributes, and every time you do something right and nice for yourself and others. Do this each and every day until it becomes a habit.

There you go! Some tips that I wish somehow have motivated you.
Always remember this line that I’ve created:

There’s no other people who can shame you, except yourself – Stanley A.

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney


About StanNeon

I am a plain guy who love many things, jack of all trades. I learn quickly and can impress you in many ways. Once a member of Excelon, a small independent group of IT experts and experienced a lot in design field. I am a frustrated mountain biker.

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