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Going out on a roadtrip + music videos

Today I’m going back to my hometown, Libsong Sta. Maria Pangasinan. I was bit excited and can’t stop thinking of what will I do when I get there. Maybe I’ll just lay down on the bed and doze off to sleep. 🙂

I know this trip will be very exciting because I’m bringing my girlfriend too. She’s been there before and this will be the second time to visit.

I’m pretty excited, gotta go now! See yah

Here’s some of my favorite music (videos) on a long roadtrip.


About StanNeon

I am a plain guy who love many things, jack of all trades. I learn quickly and can impress you in many ways. Once a member of Excelon, a small independent group of IT experts and experienced a lot in design field. I am a frustrated mountain biker.

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  2. What a nice trip + music + girlfriend = A whole lot of fun! It’s always been great feeling to home to your homeland from time you will feel your childhoods once n a while. I usually do this also but this time as a father, you know, me working here at the metro and my wife & kids stays in our province I gotta say it’s a blessing to be home. Kabagyan represents haha!

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